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The weekly camp costs $550 (taxes included).

- Fill out all information below
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- print and complete the registration form
- mail completed form with money order or cheque to:
École de Hockey Michel Vallière inc., 16 rue Augusta, Morin Heights, QC JOR 1H0
Note: If paying by cheque, you can send one cheque for $550 immediately or 2 cheques
(One for $300 applicable immediately, and a second cheque for $250 post-dated to May 1st 2018).

Cost: The weekly camp costs $550 (tax included)

The weekly camp costs $550 (lunch and taxes included).
Payment (Credit Card)
A complete credit card payment of $ 550 on line.
Payment (Cheques or Money Order)
Complete and print the registration form and attach a Money Order or 2 cheques, a first cheque of $300 applicable immediately, and a second cheque of $ 250 post-dated to May 1st 2018.
Posté à :
École de Hockey Michel Vallière inc., 16 rue Augusta, Morin Heights, QC JOR 1H0

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School organizers will not be held responsible for any accident or injury occurring during the hockey camp sessions, nor for the deterioration or theft of players' personal belongings and equipment.
School organizers reserve the right to dismiss any student whose behaviour or actions interfere with the proper conduct of the camp. Such measure does not entail a refund, and the travelling costs will be at the charge of the dismissed player.
Participants waive all claims against the Michel Valliere Inc., its organizers and coaches. Management reserves the right to postpone or cancel the camps when unavoidable. Cancellation fee: Refunds will not be granter; however, the full amount of 550$ can be applicable on next year's camp.

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École de gardien de but et camp power shot


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